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Britt Mills | CEO

Britt Mills | CEO

A business, web design, technical analysis and development driven software architect and strategic consultant, Britt Mills is well-versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle and process management. He is proficient in crafting integrated business and user workflows with technology solutions to enhance the vision of any deliverable. Britt has a proven track record in delivering both front-end and back-end features and business driven solutions in fast paced corporate, digital, and project oriented environments.

Dominick James | COO

Dominick James | Chief Operation Officer

Dominick James is a dedicated sales professional with over 6 years experience specializing in technology sales and merchandising. Both service focused and a strong communicator, Dominick offers extensive product knowledge and is naturally intuitive to his customer's needs. In addition to his professional achievements, Dominick enjoys being active in his community and donates his time to a variety of charitable organizations.

Nicole Doan | CPO

Nicole Doan | Chief Product Officer

A balanced fusion of a technical product owner and project manager, Nicole Doan focuses on the strategic application and delivery of product roadmaps and scalable delivery models support by project, software, and product management lifecycle management methodologies. She has an interest in mapping integrated system and user workflows and the integration of actionable KPIs to improve business outcomes. Nicole is also focused on STEM mentoring to help close achievement gaps in underrepresented communities through exposure to technology and engineering concepts.

Megan Reeder | Designer, UX, Developer

Megan Reeder | Designer, UX, Developer

Megan is a lead front-end developer who successfully pushes designs from a concept to a living breathing website. Able to create user-friendly interfaces compatible with several devices. She is proficient in several common languages used when developing a website. With an ever-changing platform to work with there is not a day when she doesn’t grab the bull by the horns and reinvent the wheel to make the web work for the project at hand.