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Bead RealtyBead Realty

Bead Realty is an exciting new product for real estate agents that boldly takes real estate tracking and the home buying experience to the next level.

Our custom-made clean, engaging real estate websites help clients find the home of their dreams through our partner agents.

Analysis tools break down recent buying and search trends so agents can sell like never before. Powered by Bead DMS 'Realty modules', this allows you to know the housing market like never before.

Bead FlowBead Flow

Knowing your own strengths and what areas you need help in is a first step, then you find ways to fill in the gaps. The best chefs in the world won't spend their days on a farm just like you need to stay focused on the excellency you already provide. But running a business in a competitive market requires accumen and technology, and that's where we come in. We're well versed in helping companies and individuals at all levels figure out the whats, whys, and hows of tech and process.

Building flexible mobile applications? Maintaining database integrity? Those things aren't why you started your business, but they've become vital. Our expertise in software, hardware, business flow, social media, data analysis, and graphic design is given with professionalism in accessible terms. Use it so that you can focus on what really matters. Our multi-sector knowledge and our experienced insights have helped companies across industries. We'd love to you help you too!

Bead DMSBead DMS

BEAD DMS, or Beads, is comprehensive data management platform with configurable modules that provide the flexibility to manage, track, and notify you of all your business needs. With a powerful suite of tools, businesses of any size can have top of the line enterprising software to help the business perform like never before.

Ready to track your sales, your inventory, your staff, or anything else to optimize your business?

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